The Beauty of Keeping It Real

How many of us are ashamed of our cracks?, for the raunchier minds out there, Im not referring to Plumber's cracks...although some are admittedly less shameful than others... Im talking about the cracks in our perceptions of the selves we aspire to be... the imperfections that plague us...the shortcomings that we try to make up for...the past mistakes we just cant let go of...the limitations we rail against.... How many times have we thought to ourselves, "Its ok for so and so, but not for me. I know better...Im above that..." Why is it so much easier to be understanding of another's faults rather than our own? While at first glance, cutting others more of a "break" than we cut for ourselves may appear magnanimous, it may just be the sneaky whisperings of ego in disguise. After all, why not you? Why not me? Why should you or I be crack-proof when the rest of the world is being held together by Krazy Glue? It is said of some artisans of pottery that if, by chance, they manage to create a pot without an imperfection, that they will crack it intentionally on purpose. Why? Because to the eye of the artist, there is nothing more boring than perfection. Uniqueness is only recognized through the flaw. Even God, according to some spiritual traditions, is so enamored of the imperfection in creation, that if human beings never made mistakes, they would be wiped off the face of the earth! Such is the perfection of being imperfect... for, through the cracks of human frailty the light of the human soul shines....the tenderness of vulnerability, the beauty of humility, and the empathy that only a broken heart can feel... So, the next time you feel inclined to criticize yourself because you're not perfect....give thanks for those flaws instead... and remember....those cracks are what connect us all.


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